1991. Vol. II.


Khrapunov I. N.
The Late Scythian Town Site of Bulganak (According to 1981-1989 Excavations)
3-34, 183-234
Nikolaenko G. M.
The Srednii Peninsula within the Allotment System at the Near Chora of Tauric Chersonese from the Fourth to the Second Century BC
Zin’ko V. N.
On the Ethnosocial Stratification of the Farming Population at the European Region of Bosporos in the Fourth and Third Century BC
39-43, 235
Aibabin A. I.
The Main Stages in the History of the Town Site at Eski-Kermen
43-51, 236-242
Mogarichev Yu. M.
Early Cave Complexes at Chufut-Kale
52-60, 243-251
Sazanov A. V.
A Complex of Amphorae from the First Quarter of the Seventh Century AD from the North-Eastern Region of Chersonese
60-72, 252-265
Prikhodniuk О. М., Shovkoplias А.М., Ol’govskaia S. Ya., Struina Т. А.
The Martynovka Treasure
72-92, 266-276
Aibabina E. A.
Kashi Ware from Caffa
92-96, 277-279


Petrova E. B.
Theodosia as a Part of the Bosporan Kingdom (Political Aspect)
Sidorenko V. А.
Procopis of Caesarea’s “Goths” in the Region of Dory and the “Long Walls” in the Crimea
105-118, 280-281
Gertsen A. G., Mogarichev Yu. M.
On the shaping of the Gothic Eparchy in the Crimea
Nikiforov A. R.
The Problems of Social-Economic History of Genoese Town Colonies in the Crimea According to Soviet Historiography
Vikhnovich V. L., Lebedev V. V.
The Puzzle of 15,000 Ancient Manuscripts
Sekirinskii S. A., Sekirinskii D. S.
The Agrarian Formation of the Crimean Tatars from the Sixteenth to the Eighteenth Century
Moiseenkova L. S.
Zemstvo Schools in the Taurida Governorate in the 1870s-1880s
Nepomniashchii А. А.
V. D. Smirnov: A Historian of the Crimea
Kazarin V. P., Yakovenko E. V.
Pushkin and the Legend of the “Coffin of Mithridates”
161-164, 282


Achkinazi I. V.
The Krymchaks. A Historiographic Review According to the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century Publications